Mother Of The Bride Outfits, Lancashire

Welcome to Chique of Cleveleys.

Chique specialises in Mother Of The Bride, Occasion Wear and Cruise Wear. Sizes from 8-24.

Mother Of The Bride Store

We carry a large range of collections including Joseph Ribkoff, Condici, Ann Balon, Gina Bacconi, Cabotine - Zeila, John Charles, Frank Usher, Tuzzi, Ronald Joyce/Veni Infantino, Pause Cafe, Michel Ambers, Peruzzi, Gold and Augusta by Michael H, Kapalua, Bernshaw, Doris Streich, Evalinka, NYDJ Jeans and Marie mero.

A large selection of hats are available for sale or hire and also fascinators, shoes and bags for sale.


Joseph Ribkoff 30% off all Tops, Dresses, Trousers & Jackets

50% off selected shoes & handbags.
50% off selected brands of trousers.

MONDAY - SATURDAY 10am - 5pm
SUNDAY 11-30am - 4pm


Mother Of The Bride Mother Of The Bride
Outfits from Veni, Ann Balon, Condici, John Charles, Michel Ambers, Coterie by Frank Usher, Cabotine, Gina Bacconi, Gold by Michael H and Frank Usher.
Occasion Wear Occasion Wear
Outfits by Condici, Gina Bacconi, Ann Balon, Coterie, Neuva, Michel Ambers, Cabotine, John Charles, Frank Usher, Zeila, Mon Cheri, Joseph Ribkoff, Bernshaw and Gold by Michael H.
Smart / Casual Wear Smart / Casual Wear
Outfits by Tuzzi, Pause Cafe, Augusta, Passport, Evalinka, Kapalua and Tivoli.
Handbags & Accessories Handbags & Accessories
Chique is a stockist of Roberta Gandolfi and Smith Canova handbags.

We also stock accessories by Dante and Gabby's.